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Govision CCTV

Govision cctv camera is the dedicated brand of Avestatek cctv company , and its usage is mostly in security and of course surveillance cases.

It is worth mentioning that black and white color monitors were used in old cctv cameras but by improvement of technology and using colored images which are of a high quality , the use of this feature was considered , different brands of cctv cameras entered the market at the same time.

Among all brands of cctv cameras , Govision cctv is a reliable and qualified brand which has had further progress compared with its competitors.

In the past IR infrared light was used for old cctv cameras to improve image quality , but Govision cameras came up with a better solution and has sent a new brand of cctv cameras to the market.

Not only in the quality of the images but also in the reduction of noise and the increase of the quality of colors , significant changes were made.

CCTV camera features:

In other words , the new generation of Govision cctv camera , with sensor and , of course , having a larger aperture , has aundergone a great change compared to the previous generations of this brand.
The smart technology of this type of cctv camera has certain complexities that have led to its increased efficiency at night and in places with less light.

One of the notable features of Govision cctv cameras is that it works exactly like human eye.
In fact two sensors have been located in this cctv camera;one for shooting that also guarantees brightness in the images , and another is for presenting live colors by visible light.

It’s amazing that Govision cctv camera sensors can record wholly colored images in the lowest light. Another feature of this camera is saving on data storage space which can prevent overuse of bandwidth.

It is also worth noting that in latest generations of Govision cctv cameras the use of artificial intelligence as well as deep learning algorithm has led to significant improvements in such things as human body detection , permeability detection ,automatic tracking ,and so on.

For sure there are some places which the use of cctv camera is necessary but there may be fog or dust in that place; Creators of this brand have used an amazing solution in this regard too.

The multi-layered glass used in this cctv camera is made of Hydrophilic material , which can easily clean the steamed or foggy surface of the camera glass quickly and will allow the camera to capture high resolution images.

Using Acusense technology in Govision cctv camera:

If the cctv system wants to analyze images with precise and very detailed operation , it needs to use Acusense technology.Keep in mind that Acusense technology is based on the deep learning algorithm which this brand exists in Ip products.

How ever ,the following three features can be enumerated for such devices:
-Use false alarm filters
-Use very fast subject search
-Use a meticulous subject tracking system
Pay attention that the use of this technology can lead to the ability to detect details and the exact shape of the subject’s body or even the devices around the camera.

Technical features :

-Use a verifocal lens that has a 25x optical zoom
-Use resolution of 1080 or 2 megapixels
-Use IR cut filter during day and night
-Use IR CMOS sensor and 8.1/2-inch pair sensor
-anti-fog and anti-dust
-use H.265 and H.264 compressions

Smart features :

-Flawless detection and ofcourse completely intelligent
-Detect crossing the line and entering a specific area
-complete facial recognition
-fully intelligent and automatic face tracking
-ROI coding for video streams for octet regions

Govision cctv camera usage:

The ultimate use of cctv camera is definitely formed at night , because security issues are much more important during this period . Therefore , cameras with advanced technology can be used safely in this regard.
Here are some uses for Govision cctv cameras:
-Covering places such as sidewalks , streets or shops where the possibility of crime increases after complete darkness.
-Covering places such as rivers , lakes , seas or beaches , as well as forests or monuments
-Covering places such as power plants , airports , banks which in terms of security should be given much attention.

Final word:

As we can see , we are facing the advancement of technology in the field of cctv cameras day by day and other amazing technologies of this brand may enter the market in the near future.
How ever different models of Govision cctv cameras are available at reasonable prices in the market. Therefore, every one can use this brand of cctv camera in different places.