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Everything about HiLook CCTV 

It is a bit difficult and time consuming to find a security system in the CCTV market that is both high quality and efficient and has a reasonable price. One of the solutions of Hikvision for this group of customers who are looking for inexpensive yet high quality products is HiLook CCTV . HiLook is among the products of Hikvision, which, thanks to the reputation of Hikvision, has gained a lot of popularity in the CCTV market in a short time.

Variety of HiLook CCTV 

HiLook is exactly following the same policy as Hikvision. The variety of HiLook products has been so high over the past year that it is expected to overtake Hikvision in the near future. The brand manufactures CCTV cameras in both digital and turbo HD technologies, each of which is discussed below:

HiLook turbo HD and digital products

Fixed lens CCTV cameras

Varifocal lens CCTV cameras


Features of HilLook turbo HD and digital CCTV cameras with fixed lenses

HiLook CCTV cameras usually come with fixed lenses with a focal length of 8.2 mm.

The viewing angle of these CCTV cameras are about 90 degrees.

The use of these CCTV cameras are to monitor a general space

Features of HiLook HD turbo and digital CCTV cameras with varifocal lenses

The focal length of the lenses varies from 8.2 mm to 12 mm.

The viewing angle is from 30 to 90 degrees.

This type of lenses can be used to view details and adjust the zoom so that you can focus on objects that are closer or farther away.

Features of NVR and DVR

Having the H265 technology for compressing data and storing more recorded events on the hard drive.

Having a simple and usable menu for everyone.

Equipped with the latest technologies in the world for giving an ideal output.

Quality of products

More than 80% of HiLook CCTV are manufactured automatically using the most advanced machinery.

The best metal and plastic materials are used to manufacture the products.

The products are manufactured in approved factories worldwide. Quality control and review by experts before mass production and market launch.

WDR technology in HiLook CCTV 

Your CCTV camera may be placed in a space where a lot of light is shining directly on the lens, or it may be in a place where there is not enough lighting. The WDR technology in HiLook CCTV  logically emits light throughout the image and provides excellent output.

Simple transfer of images to mobile phones

One of the features of HiLook CCTV is the transfer of images from the device to your mobile phone. This is easily done by the CCTV installer, and you can always monitor your desired place by looking at your mobile phone.

Division of image channels into separate displays

Your place may be equipped with 8 CCTV cameras. You can easily do the image settings so that, for example, 4 image channels are displayed on one screen and 4 other image channels are displayed on another screen. In this way, you can divide the surveillance among more people and make every person responsible for checking multiple channels. This process is called division of image channels.

Unique features of HiLook CCTV 

The network-based products of HiLook, including fixed and varifocal cameras, offer especial technical specifications with reasonable prices, some of which are as follows:

 265+ smart compression

Maximum camera resolution of 4 megapixels

Supporting LED night vision of EXIR 2.0

WDR smart technology to provide images with good quality and colors

HiLook analog products include fixed and varifocal turbo HD and DVR cameras. Some of the most important features of this series of products are as follows:

264+ compression

Maximum camera resolution of 3 megapixels

Supporting LED night vision of EXIR 2.0

Camera image transfer to DVR up to 1200 meters

Compatibility with different products such as analog products, Turbo HD, IP, AHD and HD CVI.

Final words

If you are looking for high quality yet affordable CCTV cameras, HiLook CCTV cameras can be one of the best options for you. The variety of products of this brand will provide you with a wide range of options. You can have a safe purchase by buying this company’s products because it is supported by a reputable company called Hikvision.